INIS have published a new Application Form 8 which should be used for all new adult applications for naturalisation based on five years reckonable residency or three years reckonable residency based on the spouse or civil partner of an Irish citizen.

The updated Form 8 can be downloaded on the INIS website, by following the link below:


The Department of Justice have highlighted the following updates to the mandatory documents required:

  • Banker’s Draft only accepted for €175 application fee – (postal orders are no longer accepted)
  • Two Passport Photographs – signed and dated on the back by the witness who signs the Statutory Declaration to confirm they are your photograph
  • All original passports for your residence claimed in Ireland
  • Copy of Biometric page of passport of all passports covering your period of residence in Ireland
  • As and from 19 September 2016 all applicants for a certificate of naturalisation aged 18 or over who are resident in the State must be registered with the Department of Social Protection for a Public Services Card (PSC)
  • Copy of all P21 or P60 or tax statement from the Revenue Commissioners for period of residence in Ireland
  • All applicants must provide three separate proofs of address documents for each year of residence in Ireland claimed

We also highlight that the date of application entered into the Residency Calculator must be the same as the date which your Statutory Application was witnessed.

A notable change in the mandatory documents necessary for applying is the requirement to submit all original passports covering period of residency claimed in Ireland. It is a good idea to not plan to travel for a couple of months at time of submitting your application, as there is no specific timeframe issued for the return of original passports. The only guidance we have received from the Citizenship Section is that all original passports will be returned to applicant within two weeks after the initial processing of application is complete. In our experience, there is no set timeframe for the initial processing of each application and it completely on an ad hoc basis.

It is our advice to be vigilant in ensuring that all correct documentation is submitted, otherwise you can expect delays to occur in the processing of your application.

Our office is extremely experienced in the submission of applications for naturalisation as an Irish citizen and can offer legal support throughout the naturalisation process.