The Minister for Justice has outlined the draft proposals for the regularisation scheme for undocumented migrants to the Cabinet today.

The Minister outlined that consultation is to begin on the remit and terms of the scheme.

It is planned that there will be final Government approval on the scheme by September this year.

The Minister outlined that it is envisaged that the scheme will be open to people who have lived in the State for a period of four years without a valid immigration permission, or a period of three years for persons with minor children. There will be an assessment of character and conduct as part of the application process.

It is planned that successful applicants will be issued with an immigration permission that allows a right to work and that will be reckonable for immigration purposes, providing a pathway to naturalise as an Irish citizen.

The scheme will operate on the basis of the executive powers of the Minister and will be an administrative rather than a statutory scheme. The draft proposals outline that the scheme will be time limited and open for approximately a period of six months.

It is planned that that the scheme will be open for applications by the end of this year.

The Minister stated:

“There are thousands of people across the country who have created a life here but unfortunately still live in the legal shadows. They are active members of our communities: contributing to our society, enriching our culture and working in our economy”.

The Minister will hold an informal webinar with NGOS, civil society, employer organisations, trade unions and other key stakeholders on Monday 26th April 2021 on the proposed scheme.

Berkeley Solicitors greatly welcomes this scheme and hopes it will benefit as many people and families as possible who have made Ireland their home.