Employment Permits

All non EEA nationals who are not otherwise exempt require an employment permit to legally work in Ireland. The Department of Jobs Enterprise and Innovation run a number of schemes under which non nationals can apply for an employment permit. On the basis that the employment permit is granted, the applicant will then be issued a visa to enter the State if required, and an appropriate residence permission, stamp 1, to align with the duration of the employment permit.

A number of Employment Permit schemes exist whereby a non-EEA national can apply for permission to work in the State, including the following;

  • General Employment Permit
  • Critical Skills Employment Permit
  • Dependent Partner/Spouse Employment Permit
  • Intra-Company Transfers Employment Permit
  • Contract for Services Employment Permit
  • Sports and Cultural Employment Permit
  • Internship Employment Permit
  • Exchange Agreement Employment Permit
  • Reactivation Employment Permit

The specific eligibility criteria for each of the Employment Permits differ, and we advise clients on the appropriate application in their situation and whether they are eligible to make an application for an Employment Permit. It is the joint policy of the INIS and the Department of Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation that an applicant has a current immigration permission in order to apply for an employment permit. There are exceptions to this policy, most notably under the Reactivation Employment Permit Scheme.

We prepare thorough and detailed employment permit applications and appeals to the Department of Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation and assist clients throughout the application procedure. We also assist those on the Graduate Scheme to apply for an Employment Permit in order to move from the Student Immigration Pathway to residency in Ireland based on their employment.