The Garda National Immigration Bureau card (GNIB card) is currently being phased out and replaced by the new Irish Residence Permit (IRP) since the 11th December 2017. Individuals who are not EEA citizens or a national of Switzerland and who currently have a GNIB card do not have to apply for a new Irish Residence Permit until their GNIB cards expire, are lost or stolen.

The Irish Residence Permit is a certificate of registration with immigration, that complies with the standards of European Union. Every individual who registers with immigration will be given an Irish Residence Permit and will be required to keep their Permit with them at all times. The Irish Residence Permit will display the type of residence granted to the individual. The Irish Residence Permit is evidence that an individual has registered with immigration, however it is not proof of the identity of the individual.

The new Irish Residence Permit will show the Permit holder’s name, photo, date of birth, registration number, the type of immigration permission granted and a microchip containing the individual’s fingerprints.

The Irish Residence Permit will cost three hundred euro each time an individual registers and renews their immigration status, or if they need a new card. The new card does not amend or revoke any previous rights or entitlements granted to persons by immigration.