Immigrant Investor Schemes

The Minister for Justice operates the Immigrant Investor Programme whereby non EEA nationals can apply for visas and residence permission on the basis of specific investment schemes that are of benefit to the State.

If the application is approved, both the applicant and their immediate family members will be granted rights of residence in Ireland.  Immediate family members include legally married spouses and children under 18.  Children over 18 may also be considered in certain circumstances.

Residence Permission will be granted initially for a two year period, and following a review by the Minister for Justice, will be extended for a further three year period.

The investor is not required to establish actual residence in Ireland. The Immigrant Investment Programme allows the investor to exercise their rights of residence flexibly as their business and family needs dictate. No minimum residence requirement is set other than the stipulation that the persons concerned should visit Ireland at least once in every 12 month period.

Ultimately it is intended that the investor schemes will facilitate participants in establishing a permanent relationship within over Ireland.

The specific terms of the various investor schemes change  from time to time, and up to date advice can be provided to interested clients at the relevant time.  At present there is a requirement for applicants to have a net worth of a minimum of €2,000,000 and to make a minimum investment in Ireland in one of the specified investment programmes of €500,000.

Applications are considered by an Evaluation Committee that sits four times annually to review applications under this scheme.